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A perfect handbook for anyone learning traditional Japanese Karate. Introduction to Basic Techniques, Vocabulary, and Dojo Etiquette with clear illustrations, explanations and learning plans. All and more you need to start your Karate Journey.

The Author is a Certified World Karate Federation Coach and Accredited Gold level National Karate Federation Instructor. This book and its content have been compiled in collaboration and under supervision of qualified Karate teachers with appropriate expertise and experience following the pathway from ancient Okinawa through modern Japan to the World. The scope of this book is to familiarise you with the basic techniques and support your learning at the Dojo under the supervision of qualified instructors. Remember, safety first, yours and others. Don't attempt any techniques without the supervision of a qualified teacher as they might result in damage, cause injury, or hurt.

In today's World, 'Karate' and its practitioners form the largest Martial Art

family and one of the largest Sports families in the world with an estimated 100 million practitioners.